The Answer To All Your Channel Management Needs

Channel Management System

In short, Channel Management System (CMS) supports the whole business life cycle for all your channels, and for all the sales people within them.

Since 2000, 41 life insurers have adopted CMS for their channel management needs; and supported 2 million agents/advisers. And none have looked elsewhere.


Built in a modular format, CMS has modules for:

  • Channel Organisation Management
  • Daily Management
  • Partner Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Assessment Management
  • Fee-Based Management
  • Training Management
  • Sales Support
  • Risk Warning and Credit Assessment.
From our wide range of insurance company clients, we’ve been fortunate enough to encounter a very wide range of different channel types, agency structures and compensation methods. From this we’ve been able to continually enhance our offering; and from that we believe we now offer the most comprehensive and expandable sales management system available.

So why should you consider CMS for handling all the needs of your sales channels? Well here are just a few reasons:

1. Quick set-up of a new sales channel

The system design allows the addition of a new channel very easily and quickly.

2. All the functionality you need

Whether its sales staff recruitment, training, daily operation management, compensation management or agency performance monitoring, CMS provides the support you need.

3. Ultra-flexible rules engine

For many life insurers, the rules surrounding the agency force can be even more complicated than those for the products. The rules engine component of CMS allows users to set the necessary rules readily.

4. Real-time monitoring reports...

CMS is able to support real-time monitoring of the business of the company, tracking the sales performance and activity of each division, unit and individual – a huge benefit for channel management of all levels.

5. ...and a wide range of statistical reports and analysis models

CMS allows channel management to use various analysis models and KPI monitoring systems – for both decision-making and presentational purposes.

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