Providing your advisers with all they need on their tablet.

Sales Support System

It may come as no surprise that the most popular tablet solution for agents comes out of China. (As at July 2016, 15 life insurers had chosen Sales Support System (SSS) as the tablet solution for their agents.)


Some of the areas where SSS supports the agent via his tablet:

  • Receipt of company announcements/information
  • Self-training materials
  • Personal work plan, including to-do lists and business reminders
  • Client management
  • Personal prospect database
  • Company and product presentations
  • Fact-finding
  • Needs analysis
  • Product illustrations
  • Customer risk profiling
  • E-Applications
  • Basic underwriting
  • Application status enquiry
  • Billing management
  • E-policy dispatch
  • Receipt confirmation, and
  • Customer enquiries management
SSS can work on either of the major app platforms, so whether you equip your agents with iPads, iPad Minis, or android tablets, SSS can accommodate your needs.

But SSS doesn’t stop there. SSS allows up-line managers to capture information on the adviser’s activity – not just for prospecting, but for all the steps in the process. (SSS interfaces seamlessly with ChannelPro, so the information is available to the up-line managers automatically.) So through SSS, sales management can monitor the activity and performance of all their team members in every way.

So for companies looking to take their sales forces into the digital age, SSS is a logical solution.

SSS comes in both mobile app and website form.

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